Everything we make is gluten-free. We have marked each item according to our allergen guide:

DF = Dairy-free
EF = Egg-free
GRF = Grain-free
LL = Low lactose
NF = Nut-free
VG = Vegan

Dietary requirements and allergies

We are a strictly gluten-free kitchen and we also accommodate for other dietary requirements. However, we want to stress the fact that despite our greatest care in handling foods, the environment in which our foods are cooked and packaged may contain traces of allergens and eventuate in cross-contamination (dairy, egg, nut and sesame).

People with severe food allergies and intolerance are therefore strongly recommended to seek our staff’s advice and eliminate all risks of exposure to allergens.

Wholegreen Bakery’s kitchen handles:

Milk and dairy products
Nuts (not peanuts)
Red and white meat
Garlic and onion

Everything we make is 100% Gluten-Free

If you’re coeliac, you have 100% assurance that 100% of the food we offer is 100% gluten-free. Our kitchen is a dedicated gluten-free space, accredited by Coeliac Australia.