Puff pastry sheets 950g


Four sheets of our delicious flaky puff pastry to use at home for baking your own creations!

Ingredients: white rice flour, potato starch, maize, butter, xanthan gum, psyllium husk, butter, eggs. This product is suitable for freezing up to three months.

Good to use for pie tops, sausage rolls. Make sure the docked side facing the outside for a better product/puff.

  • Let the puff come up to room temp for optimal flexibility. 
  • Glaze with a mixture of egg yolk & water:
    • 1st layer of glaze gives a light wash
    • 2nd gives a more golder color
    • let the 1st layer set before brushing a 2nd layer
  • Bake @160c ff for 35 ~ 40 mins, depending on the size the base is cooked.
puff pastry sheets 950g
Puff pastry sheets 950g