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If you have an enquiry about our gluten-free products or perhaps you are an experienced baker or pastry chef and would like to join our team, please use the form below to contact us.

Phone: 02 8197 0002
Email: orders@wholegreenbakery.com.au
Office Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-4pm

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Where to find us

Our Bakery and Café locations in Sydney can be found below or check out our bread stockists in NSW.

Alexandria Bakery & Cafe

25 McCauley Street,
Alexandria NSW 2015

Monday-Saturday 7am-2:30pm
Closed Sundays and public holidays

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City Bakery & Café

257 Clarence Street,
Sydney NSW 2000

Monday-Saturday 8am-3pm
Closed Sundays and public holidays

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Waverley Bakery and Café

24 Arden St, Waverley NSW 2024

Monday to Friday 7am-3:30
Saturday 7am-3pm
Sunday & Public holidays 8am-3pm

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