Sweet short crust pastry sheets 1kg


Four sheets of our delicious buttery sweet short crust pastry to use at home for baking your own creations!

Ingredients: Brown rice flour, potato starch, maize starch, butter, xanthan gum, caster sugar, eggs, water. This product is suitable for freezing up to three months.

Good to use for sweet pies/tarts. The dough can be cut to whatever is desired and off cuts can be rerolled. When lining the shell, the docked side should be visible. 

  • Tart shell needs to be sprayed well so the pastry doesn’t stick.
  • Rest the lined shell in the fridge for 20 mins before baking. 
  • For empty tart shells, bake @160c ff for 20 mins.
  • For tart shells with fillings, bake @160c ff for 30 ~ 35 mins.
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Gluten-free Sweet Shortcrust Uncooked Pastry Sheeted 1kg
Sweet short crust pastry sheets 1kg